Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do not let your single into a disturbance with

With a single one of the important work of sales, the overall quality of the sales staff demanding. With the single aim is to get the order or contact customers a means to maintain cooperation. Some sales staff can not alone in thinking seriously now, some fear that with a single salesperson, some of the documentary is too arbitrary, and some even with a single turned into the harassment of the customer; These practices not only work with their sales to the great difficulties, but also affect the company's reputation, lost customers and a serious will have to bring it order the hand. The result is every day with the single, every day without results. So in the end with a single mind to?

1, make the customer data collection. Since it is a documentary, it shows that we have and will l have had clients, customers understand the basic situation. Want to continue to do so is as much as possible to collect information, understand the customer business case for further follow up, set good goals and methods. Understand the customer really needs your product, it is very important.

2, Society of customer psychology, straightforward question clearly does not place an order reasons. Some customers may just ask the price, or do not really need the product, for such customer, after the second with a single judge should be. These clients can include C class, which is required for long-term customers. Such customers with single-cycle can be longer, once a month as well. Some clients do not directly reject, or place an order, this type of customer is likely to be financial problems or is still, and compare similar products, these customers can be grouped into B class, which is short-term fight to the customers. For such customers do not tell too tight, a phone call a week is appropriate. There is also a customer order that has been promised but has yet to sign a contract, such customer-A class of customers, in time for the visit must be a good interview, not an interview, be sure to ask clear through the phone customers are still difficulties . In time to help customers resolve

3, do a good job with a single registration, it is best to write clearly the date and simple enough. Do a good job with the single registration is to avoid harassment with the single best way to become. Because of registration, also put your change with a single planned and targeted. Also note that a company can not have a few sales staff at the same time with a client, it will not only reach with a single purpose, will lead to customer dissatisfaction.

4, with a single mind to be calm, do not be too utilitarian. Seller is not a lot of interest from customers, clients do not care about the problems with the client to blindly the orders, do not get an order, the verbal abuse, assault, importune. Can only allow customers to hate, so customers are not talking about business but a nuisance. One must proceed from the long-term with a view to making friends is easier to get orders but the mentality.

With a single skill is more from the practice, sales staff must be good friends, lessons learned, and constantly learn from the sales will be with a single master.

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