Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Total solar eclipse row "ghost possessed" beauties behind the possession of highly toxic

Nationwide yesterday welcomed the eclipse once in 500 years (partial eclipse) wonders, the majority of Internet users have to be of great concern, observation and upload the pictures wonderful scene, in which brilliant photo is the major media, eager reproduced Forum . However, users also enjoy the gorgeous solar eclipse pictures, Duba Cloud Security Center came the latest warning, "total eclipse" beauties and more are "ghost possessed" more careful when users visit.
According to Kingsoft Anti-virus experts Tie-Gang Li describes, this "possessed" total solar eclipse beauties of the virus as "possessed ghost" (win32.troj.junkunknown2.ak.24576), this virus as a picture and other files through bundled to achieve the spread of the virus. It has a remote connection function, once up and running smoothly, the user will be connected to the server computer and the hacker, the user's computer into a "chicken."

Cloud Security Center under the Duba test data, "possessed ghost" yesterday by tying "eclipse" beauties spread of infection in a single day increase over million times, and this shows the range of the virus infection expanded. Also, being "possessed by demons", the user's network security would be at risk. As the "devil possessed" compact, and bundled with the characteristics of image files, the user is hard to find a weak defense; as long as the user clicks the picture, "possessed ghost" will show up in the picture the moment, "sprang to", in background quietly running, connect the remote server specified by hackers, the computer user into a "chicken", after the user is waiting for the mercy of hackers and full looting.

In fact, the "total eclipse" is not the first time being used to spread viruses picture of network hot spots. Recently the network filled with "Tuoku door," "touch milk door" and other "gate" of the video or "comes in different forms", "Yi could have" and Red pictures, are the virus groups to spread the virus of "the most good "carrier. Internet users on the higher degree of concern of these events, the spread of the virus to spread, the better chance.

Kingsoft Anti-virus experts, therefore reminded numbers of visitors, the concerns related to network events, while hot, be careful of this quietly "slip" came the virus. Recommended installation Kingsoft Internet Security Laboratory provided free professional network defense tools "Gold Mountain Network Shield" (Download:, a comprehensive network upgrade their defense capabilities, in the enjoyment of the Internet happiness of the same time, comprehensive protection for their network security.

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