Wednesday, July 21, 2010

User experience better! See the latest features TT4.4.1

Web resource extraction

You come across on the page you want to save the image volume, but the experience can only save one by one? Do you want to batch save the page encountered a video file, but can not download a file classification tool in the market? If you have such worries, TT4.4.1 new features can help you to easily do - Web resource extraction. Web resource extraction is the means that have been open page, can be extracted from online text, images, audio, video, Flash and other Gezhongwenjian, and can batch Baocun, download. Open a page, click on plug-in bar, "Web Extract" button (if not open the plug-in bar, click the right button on the toolbar to open), the button shown below:

Click on the "Extract" button will open the resource extraction in the top of the page, you can easily extract the pages you want resources.

Favorites Manager

The traditional single convenient interface Organize Favorites? Latest TT4.4.1 launched a strong favorites manager, and the establishment of local favorites are TT data system, so you can like the same Windows-Explorer TT local management Favorites and Network Favorites.

In the TT favorites manager, you can easily new subfolders, and delete, move, edit, sub-folders or collections, and can import IE Favorites, Export Favorites to back up files at the same time local and network collection between folders can be easily upload and download.

Blank Page Quick Links

Would like a blank page, set your own key to open a web site like you? Latest TT 4.4.1 for you to prepare a thoughtful feature - a blank page Quick Links! You only a blank page, click the "show quick links" blank page appeared nine box, click on any of the box, it will open the Favorites list in the Favorites list, you can choose the most frequently visited a normal, or favorite web site added to the grid, can also be input directly into the address box, enter the specific address to the box as a quick link. When you visit a fast link, open a blank page again, the original box will appear in the Quick Links page thumbnails, Since then, you can be more intuitive understanding of a blank page to open the site.

Custom background optimization

TT4.4 introduced a new custom background feature (what is the custom background feature?), The latest TT4.4.1 the functions were further optimized.

In the new custom background feature, the new background image zoom function, while in the "location" to "normal" mode, you can drag the background image, choose what you want the picture area, really do to the arbitrary.

Optimization of the new independent video window

New window as the TT's first independent video feature (what is the new independent video window?), Since its introduction, the majority of Internet users love, and received numerous comments and suggestions, in TT4.4.1 the latest version, we of the function is also optimized. In the latest version, independent play new window will default to the top, more convenient and you see the video, but not the second click. In addition to flv format also supports Flash video, has added support for a look like Thunder, NBA and other sites to use Windows Media Player control to play the video, so you want to see. In addition, should the user request, TT4.4.1 new custom white list of independent video feature allows you to add some not in our own system of independent video white list of sites, you can "TT Options -> ; independent video settings "in the settings and add.

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