Saturday, October 9, 2010

Private hospital, why are white Fujian Youyizuozhuang 80 per?

Many friends have told me angry, now it's only in the newspaper "rampant" do all sorts of full-page or half-page ad in the private hospital care, 80% to 90% in Putian, Fujian are in control of a gang of Youyi, You must not believe. Why? "Because, after anywhere from several thousand into as many as tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands spent, not Taoguang your pocket will not let go of." Although the friend, then a little one-sided, but it is another example of a number of private hospitals practice in the community have produced a bad reputation and bad impression. Now, some had to do sexually transmitted diseases, skin diseases Youyi have completed the primitive accumulation, the feet have come ashore, through the acquisition of medical license and hosting operations, etc., began to put some of the original by the government into their own small state-owned hospitals money-making tools, in order to cleanse the past, some of the stain and original sin, they pay great attention to their cosmetic and landscaping. In order to increase credibility, especially to meet the patient's identity, and some in Singapore or Hong Kong-registered company, and then bounce back to foreign investment, foreign identity and seek cooperation in public hospitals and began sexually explicit. But regardless of what hung Medical Group 脳 脳, 脳 脳 investment management group, or the so-called Hong Kong, Singapore, like the "foreign" status, it plainly, many people are well aware.

According to "look mixed with the East Weekly" reported back in 1998, the Chinese crackdown on the first person Hai You Yi at that time rampant venereal disease had started a long investigation. He found that the majority rule was sexually Youyi China came from the same place: Putian Eastern Town. These people courageous enough to dare to say that no patient who is sick; dare to ten yuan a bottle of medicine sold more than 200 yuan; dare to rule on a course of disease treatment 10. Today, they face-lift to open private hospitals in order to recover costs as soon as possible even at the risk a lot of advertising to attract patients momentum eyeball attention. Prior to this, because they are hosting the hospital, were the first or the Chinese Medicine Hospital, People's Hospital, like the call, easy to get the trust of patients, we thought, or public hospitals, but in reality they are good at Putian who would sexually transmitted diseases, skin disease, infertility, cosmetic surgery and other subjects into hospital profits, and then to advertise to attract patients.

Frankly, Putian people into the private hospital is not a bad thing, as a profit-making institutions, money is not a sin. Anything more, today's health care market competition is tough, why do people have such courage in Putian and boldness of vision, bringing capital, bring technology to other areas on the first try but few people is interested then? After all, people still have a certain vision of Putian, although much of their education, but the courage to open up the courage to have to be very impressive. They operate a flexible means to a certain extent, to the health care market has brought new ways of thinking, to break the monolithic health care industry, dull, dull conservative atmosphere. Terrible is their way of quick success of the crazy money worship, coupled with the lack of professional marketing plan and targeted means of communication, lack of professional and technical personnel and agencies involved, confusion and other problems made the strategic orientation driven by the interests of any service model are marked by money first imprint, are lukewarm. Is not it? Advertising and hiring high cost of high-level experts were ultimately have to bear. It is understood that many private hospitals offering basic Putian who are primary school or middle school, these people to run the hospital, say they have long-term vision, based on brand strategy, a real doctor-patient relationship from the perspective of harmony, foster awareness of integrity, which step is quite distant.

In recent years, Blue Ocean Colombian intelligence agencies pay close attention to international marketing consultant and the survival and development of private hospitals, like litanies, overwhelming medical advertising behind the twenty-first century, Putian people should no longer be the kind of quick success nineties, fraud 蹇芥偁The Youyi mentality, should establish credibility, enhance branding, and pragmatic management to make vigorous efforts, a down firmly service quality, genuine action to reflect the people-oriented principles of life, while working to improve the well-known reputation must not be ignored. Just think, at this stage it besides uninterrupted Ads, no other on the best way to it? This is worthy of serious food for thought. Personally, I think, in the new period should be, as advocated by the Party Central Committee as to the scientific concept of development point of view, from a desire for building a harmonious society, with practical actions to build good "people" brand works and the conscience of the works, and not always never forget to patients with a soft knife, triggered credit crisis at the same time, do not avoid the policy of the State under the strict supervision of walking a fine line, abused and lead it, will only make people increasingly questioned, resentment, anger, eventually marginalized by the market dangerous.


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